The No-Star Nation

Here's What Our Fans and Others in the Know Have to Say About the No-Stars:

"From the gutbucket exuberance of 'Wild & Blue' to 'Elmwood Shuffle,' with its rollicking celebration of Buffalo's past, present, and future, 'Gregg Juke & The Mighty No-Star Blues Band: Millennium Blues Power' is contemporary blues at its best. Gregg Juke and company bring us along a journey of discovery that makes us glad we took the trip."

Jim Santella
WBFO FM/The Buffalo News

"Gregg Juke & The Mighty No-Star Blues Band bring a level of talent, energy, and showmanship that is unrivaled in local blues circles. They had Lewiston dancing in the streets with their contagious enthusiasm. Run, don’t walk, to their concerts!"


Tim Henderson, a.k.a. “Phil Harmonica”
Chairman, Blue Monday Concert Series,
Lewiston Council on the Arts

"A wonderful, wonderful show… Great energy - The audience loved them!"

Eva Nicholson
Lewiston Council on the Arts




On the song “Wild & Blue”:
"The singer has a captivating voice. The soloists play very passionately, and it shows."

“Fila01,” a fan from West Burlington, Iowa


"Blues may come out of hard times, but it's not about hard times, it's about surviving, and triumphing over hard times. It's about better times coming. I can't think of a better example of this than Gregg Juke & The Mighty No-Star Blues Band.

Their playing was all about good times…Gregg Juke is not just a talented and charismatic vocalist, but a smoking harp player... he also surrounds himself with plenty of talent as well.

Guitarist Bruce Rounds…truly plays with a feel for the blues that is a pleasure to experience.

The Mighty No-Stars exceed their billing, they should be stars."

Al Gritzmacher
Doc Wu’s Magical Musical Mystery Tour

"To date my all-time favorite bass player has been me, but me thinks I shall change my vote to Joel Thomas, who handles his axe like a copperhead snake in a basket of posies, with a grip just tight enough to say 'you're dangerous but I'm in charge now,' while the sweet smell of double-stops fills the air. The famous playing face says it all-- 'This sure is fun but if you turn on me I'll snap your neck like a twig.' When I land a blues gig deep in the Amazon, I'll be borrowing this cat for a few days. Go see these guys ASAP."

Tony Blasting
Bassist/Keyboardist/Vocalist-- Bleeding Hearts

On the song “Wild & Blue”:
"Good, good stuff, with mean vocals and fine instrumental sequences."

"Real Maggie May,” a fan from Jerusalem, Israel



"Despite the modest name attached to this group of well-known Western New York players, the group actually features a few highly regarded talents…this group performs a convincing blend of Blues, Soul, and R&B. "

Artvoice Magazine

"What sets the No-Stars apart from other blues groups? They’re willing to go the extra step…go hear them yourself. I think you’ll agree that the No-Stars really aren’t no-stars at all, but stars in their own right. "

Blues Beat Magazine


"I love the band’s material; I think they’re swingin’. I believe that the Mighty No-Stars are following in the footsteps of Buffalo’s best."

Donna Rose


"The Mighty No-Stars formed with a core group of some of the Western New York area’s finest “unknown” musicians, but the players in the No-Stars have all been at the music game for a long, long time...

For the best in contemporary and classic Blues, R&B, Blues Rock, Soul, and originals, check out Gregg Juke & The Mighty No-Star Blues Band. "

Night-Life Magazine



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